30,000 HDB flats managed by private operators?

By Leong Sze Hian

I refer to the HDB's reply "One SERS block set aside for needy" (Today, Sep 18) to  Edmund Lim's letter "HDB can help house homeless" (Today, Sep 10).


Why only 1 out of 4 blocks for needy?

With thousands of needy Singaporeans in the queue for HDB rental flats, why is it that only one out of the four blocks was set aside for Singaporeans?


Take years to demolish SERS flats?

Why did it take such a long time – more than four years to demolish the flats which were vacated by the owners in November, 2008?


Private operators' profits?

How much profit did the private operator of the three blocks of flats rented to foreigners make in these four years?


Anymore such SERS flats?

Are there anymore SERS flats which are still not demolished yet after more than four or more years, other than that highlighted by Edmund Lim?


How many public flats managed by private operators?

In this connection, how many public housing flats (HDB, Jurong Town Corporation (JTC)) in total are leased by the HDB to private operators to rent out for a profit?

I was told by a former employee of the largest private operator that the number may be about 30,000.


Break-down of flats for Singaporeans and foreigners?

What is the break-down of the flats rented to needy Singaporeans under the Interim Housing Scheme, Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs) at market rates, foreigners, companies to house their foreign workers, private educational institutions to house their foreign students, etc)?

To what extent has this large number of public housing managed by private operators contributed to the imbalance in the supply and demand for public housing, and the rise in HDB prices and rental costs?