By Ng Yi Shu

Feature: National Day Week Series

Yesterday morning, TOC ran the 1st of 3.

In this installment, the editorial is the prequel to the series, and later in the afternoon we present the continuation of the series.


9th August marks Singapore’s 47th year of independence.

Many things have happened 47 years since. We acquired a citizen army, cleaned up our government, invited foreign investment, created an environment for stability, unity and prosperity, stopped at two (and then said “Have three if you want” ), remained open to technological advancement and generally became economically prosperous and wealthy the way our forefathers would have dreamed it. The results have been clear: we are 1st in per capita GDP ranking, 1st in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, 2nd in Wall Street Journal’s Economic Freedom Index and 16th on the Legatum Prosperity Index.

One may be inclined to believe that we’ve come so far; that we ought to do nothing about it. However, past the economic results, things are different. We are still stuck in the survival mentality we inherited during our tumultuous birth. We are born into a rat race, chasing after intelligence and knowledge so we can have the expertise to earn big money to survive – and after that, chasing after status to ensure that we and the generation after us has the dignity to survive in a world where materialism matters – a world where we feel we are not enough. We pity those who do not manage to win the rat race and hate those who have better opportunities in this rat race. We think of leaving, but when we look out of our own country, we do not find what we want there.

Yet, some of us believed in progress – in making our dreams possible, in building a new identity and in creating an equal country. Some of these people have gone into politics and government. Some, into alternative media and contentious journalism. Some, into advocacy and activism. All of these people have their own vision for Singapore – which they believe is possible for us to achieve. The National Day Week series features these people, their aspirations and their values – and invites you, the reader, to believe in the notion of possibility – that we are in power over our own destiny.

This series will also introduce you in the notion that our survival mentality is what drives separation and discrimination in our society.

This series will also ask the question “Who are we?” and suggest that the true answer to this question lies in our capability as humans to empathise with one another – to live in prosperity.

Finally, this series will invite you, the reader to make a choice as to who you want to be to make the society you live in a much more beautiful place – for ultimately, it is your prerogative, your right to choose the Singapore you want to live in.

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酒醉男子擅闯组屋单位,还冒充警员非礼和强迫看护女佣为其口交,于昨日(9日)被控上法庭。 40岁的被告马克卡莱瓦南面对四项控状,包括冒充警员身份、非礼和性侵32岁的受害者。 被告被指于2017年7月15日下午,乘着受害者当时在大门未上锁的组屋单位内,照顾雇主生病的母亲时,闯入屋内。被告当时在房间内发现受害人后,就冒充警员要求对方交出护照、工作证和现金,但是受害者并没有照做。 被告一时不忿就要求受害者举起双手面壁,自后方对她上下其手,再把受害人拉近厕所内,对着大声呼救的受害人拳打脚踢。然后被告强迫受害者为其口交,还欲进一步性侵她。 所幸当时在附近的邻居听到求救声,他立刻报警,警员也迅速抵达现场,受害者及时逃出屋外获救。 案件展延聆审。

【选举】王瑞杰团队 仅以6.82得票率微差守住东海岸

在本届选举从淡滨尼转战东海岸集选区的原副总理王瑞杰,率领行动党团队抵御住工人党团队的进攻。两者得票率差距仅6.89巴仙,票数差距7781票。得票率也是行动党获胜集选区中最低的。 行动党团队得票率达53.41巴仙(6万1009票),工人党得票5万3228张。 工人党派出阿都沙里、符策涫、陈励正、黄富荣和佘雪玲,对东海岸集选区摩拳擦掌。使得王瑞杰不得不挂帅东海岸,力敌工人党进攻。至于淡滨尼集选区,改由原环境及水源部部长马善高领军。 东海岸集选区选民人数为12万1772人。