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Statement from Sajeev Kamalasanan on public’s reactions to his resignation from The Workers’ Party

1) My departure/resignation from The Workers’ Party (WP) was not timed to discredit/affect WP in the Hougang by-elections. The timing is incidental, a natural progression of the multiple unsatisfactory internal discussion/talks between the party Chairman, Ms Sylvia Lim and myself on the party cadre selection criteria/process in March and April 2012 ( I have emails and SMS messages corroborating our meeting dates to discuss this issue) . The decision to resign was not taken lightly but after exhausting options with the party.

2) Ms Lim did convey to me the 2 stated reasons (in my first press statement) during a private meeting in early April 2012 between the 2 of us to discuss the party cadre selection criteria/process.
3) There were no witnesses present at that meeting and hence I am in no position to prove to anyone that she did indeed say that to me. By the same token, I believe Ms Lim is not in a position to prove to anyone that she did not make those statements to me. The public is free to form its own opinions and I respect that.
4) I have never said at any time that Ms Lim or WP is racist and I would urge others not to misconstrue the reasons for my resignation. I am glad to note from the WP statements yesterday that the party sees itself as not racist and going forward, to address any possible lingering doubts, WP may want to be transparent and account to the public if there is a healthy and active participation of minorities within its cadreship/CEC ranks, besides the minority Aljunied GRC MPs.
5) Finally, I wish the WP candidate, Mr Png Eng Huat all the best in the upcoming Hougang by-elections. I will not be making any further statement on my resignation as I would like everyone to move on with the crucial Hougang by-elections.
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