That we may dream again: Chiam’s finest hour

Media release

“In the whole of Singapore, 2.6 million people, who will speak up for these 15? Somebody has to do the job. It is a necessary job.” – Chiam See Tong.

To mark the 25th anniversary of Operation Spectrum in which 15 (later 16) Singaporeans were detained under the Internal Security Act, the Singapore People’s Party with 'Achtung! Productions' – a student initiative – will present a staged re-enactment of the parliamentary session in which Mr Chiam See Tong, the sole opposition MP at that time, tabled a motion calling for the release of the alleged Marxist conspirators who were detained without trial.

The details of the staged re-enactment titled 'That we may dream again: Chiam's finest hour', are as follows:

20th May 2012 (Sunday) | 4pm to 6pm | Sinema Old School

Venue:             Sinema Old School

                        11B Mount Sophia

                        Singapore 228466

This is a free but 'by invitation only' event. Email [email protected] to be invited for the event.


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