It's the voters who'll have to judge Mr Yaw

~by: Tan Kin Lian~

I agree with the decision taken by MP Yaw Shin Leong to resign as treasurer of the Workers Party and the exemplary approach taken by the leadership of the Workers Party in handling this difficult issue.

I also agree with the stance taken by Mr Yaw and the leaders of the Workers Party in choosing to remain silent over the rumors of extra marital affairs.

We have to respect the right as a citizen, including a public figure, to remain silent on private matters that do not affect the performance of their public duty.

There is no need to make further disclosures, as there is a need to protect the privacy of Mr Yaw's family.

The voters of Hougang will judge Mr Yaw at the next general election. 

I am heartened to read the words of support from many residents to Mr Yaw, who has worked in the grassroots of Hougang for many years, even before becoming their elected Member of Parliament.

The people of Singapore will have to accept that they will not be able to find angels to be their leaders, either in the current party in power or in an alternative political party. 

I like to express appreciation to Mr Yaw's wife for her strong support of her husband in this difficult situation and to wish the best for their family.