Marine Parade Family Service Centre: Say 'Yes' to Eldercare Services

The following is a press release by Marine Parade Family Service Centre in response to recent reports of neighbourhood residents rejecting eldercare facilities in their vicinity.

Lately, some residents have cited varying reasons objecting to plans of building eldercare facilities in their estates. It is appalling how social values are sent down the slippery slope.

As a non-government welfare organisation serving the needs of heartlanders, Marine Parade Family Service Centre is obligated to challenge the prejudices imposed on our elderly residents. We want to rally individuals who are civic-minded to make a stand for public resources to be accessible to our seniors.

Be counted and say ‘Yes’ to support all eldercare facilities and in the neighborhood because our seniors deserve these amenities within their reach. Be the voice of these deserving seniors. Sign our petition.


A petition initiated by Marine Parade Family Service Centre, a non governmental organization.






发起机构:马林百列家庭服务中心  (非官方民间自愿组织)