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The Workers’ Party (WP) held its first Central Executive Council (CEC) meeting post-General Election 2011 on Tuesday 7 June 2011.

At the meeting, newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) for Aljunied GRC, Mr Chen Show Mao and Mr Pritam Singh, as well as Non-constituency MP, Mr Yee Jenn Jong, were co-opted into the Council.

The Council was also re-organised as follows:
1. Chairman: Ms Sylvia Lim
2. Vice-Chairman: Mr Mohammed Rahizan bin Yaacob
3. Secretary-General: Mr Low Thia Khiang
4. Organising Secretaries: Mr Muhammad Faisal bin Abdul Manap (new appointment) and Ms Ng Swee Bee
5. Treasurer: Mr Yaw Shin Leong (new appointment)
6. Deputy Treasurer: Mr Yee Jenn Jong (new appointment)
7. President, Youth Wing: Ms Lee Li Lian (new appointment)
8. Chair, Media Team: Mr Gerald Giam (new appointment)
9. Vice Chair, Media Team: Mr Pritam Singh (new appointment)
10. Webmaster: Mr Koh Choong Yong
11. Deputy Webmaster: Mr Png Eng Huat
12. Members: Ms Frieda Chan, Mr Chen Show Mao, Ms Glenda Han, Ms Jane Leong, Dr John Yam

Commenting on the changes, Workers’ Party Chairman, Ms Sylvia Lim, said: “WP is entering an exciting phase in its organisational development. General Election 2011 has been a critical milestone for WP. Including Show Mao, Pritam and Jenn Jong (who will be Members of Parliament) into the core leadership team is a logical step for the Party to move forward cohesively.”

New Youth Wing President, Ms Lee Lilian said: “I would like to give youths a bigger role in the thought processes that shape our nation’s future. Social Media was a crucial platform in the last GE for youths to transmit information and share ideas. This is a crucial method of outreach to youths. The level of response can be astounding. Not only would we be able to reach out to them, we would also be able to gather feedback from them, be it positive or negative.”

Newly appointed Organising Secretary, Mr Muhammad Faisal bin Abdul Manap, said: “As WP is propelling to greater heights, I will explore activities which will allow the party to engage the public in a more effective way and also strengthen bonding among party members.”

Mr Faisal added: “GE 2011 has been a significant point in my life, having been voted in as the first Malay opposition MP in the history of Singapore and now as I’m the first Malay to hold the Organising Secretary position in WP. I feel humbled by the trust placed in me by the Party and by Singaporeans.”

New CEC member, Mr Chen Show Mao said: “I am humbled by the Party’s trust and confidence in us, and look forward to working together with my fellow Party members to continue to advance our Party and our nation.”

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