Photos by Benjamin Cheah, Jewel Philemon,  Jeremy Philemon and Joshua Chiang

Extra photos by New Asia Republic

As the General Election approaches, the various parties are out in full force, and so are our reporters and photographers. Below are some snapshots of candidates from Singapore People’s Party, National Solidarity Party and Singapore Democratic Party doing their walkabout on Sunday, 27th March.

Singapore People’s Party in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC

Start the voters young.
Mrs Chiam does the baby-hugging thing

Mr Chiam taking a break


National Solidarity Party in Mountbatten SMC

It's a family affair for Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss as her husband (second from right) and youngest son (third from right) lends a hand, or a wheel in this case.

The candidate for Mountbatten SMC covers the private housing area Meyer Road

Doing her absolute best to make sure she didn't miss out one potential voter


Singapore Democratic Party in Yuhua SMC

Danny the Bear chips in as well, but we can't be sure if this can be considered as vote-buying.
Dr Chee surrounded by fans. Photo: New Asia Republic
Nope, cuddling babies is never out of fashion. Photo: New Asia Republic


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