“There will be more significant things to come”: WP’s Low

Mr Low Thia Khiang, secretary general of the opposition Workers’ Party (WP), keeps things very close to his chest. He has been rather coy about who his party’s prospective candidates are, or where they might be fielded in the General Election. In the previous two walkabouts which his party has held in as many weeks, Mr Low divulged little.

On Sunday, however, the 20-year Member of Parliament was more forthcoming – but only just.

“There will be more significant things to come,” Mr Low told reporters at the impromptu media conference at Moulmein-Kallang where his party was conducting its public outreach to residents of the area. He was responding to a question about the WP’s potential star candidate, Mr Chen Show Mao, whom his party is expected to field in the elections. “I will not elaborate. In my first walkabout I told Singaporeans to watch out this election,” Mr Low says.

Read the full report on TOC’s General Election website.

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