Leong Sze Hian skewed nature of TOC – reader

The following is a letter from a TOC reader.

To: The Online Citizen

I used to enjoy reading TOC. Compared to say TR, TOC used to offer more balanced
views and more constructive ideas. However, in recent weeks, I have become
increasingly disappointed with TOC, in particular with the posts by Mr Leong Sze

Mr Leong’s posts are predictable. He would quote various statistics and
then make statements that invariably conclude that the Government is not doing
enough. But beyond say pushing for a minimum wage (which is in itself a divided
topic even amongst academics) Mr Leong seldom offers constructive ideas. Mr
Leong is critical, to the extent that his posts show his belief that the
Government can do no right. Take for example his most recent posts on the
Budget. Mr Leong has in the past argued that there are too many foreign workers
who depress the wages of local low-wage workers. Now that the foreign worker
levy is being increased in order to stem the demand for foreign workers, Mr
Leong says that this is also bad as it will also reduce the wages of locals.

It would have been tolerable if Mr Leong’s posts are balanced by other
contributors’. For example, I really enjoyed reading the post by Joseph Teo
on 15 Feb which carefully and clearly explained why the Government does now
understand how the free market works. But, Mr Leong has contributed far too many
articles in recent weeks, and skewed the nature of TOC.

I stopped reading TR some time ago because its views are predicable and highly
skewed. I hope that TOC does not suffer the same fate, and that I do not end up
deleting the bookmark in my browser and the shortcut/icon on my iPhone’s

The following is Mr Leong’s response.

Dear Penny,

I always welcome feedback, and in particular criticism.

As a writer, it kind of “makes your day”!

I do not have any particular response, as I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Most of the time, I do not know enough about the complex issues that affect Singapore and Singaporeans, to be able to offer “constructive ideas” or solutions.

As an ordinary citizen, I am merely trying to contribute to the discourse, by analysing the statistics, and let readers form their own opinions.

By the way, I think many of the comments, questions, ideas and solutions posted by TOC’s readers, have contributed to the discussion and review of policy issues in Singapore.

Leong Sze Hian

Sze Hian has written more than 250 articles on theonlinecitizen, since we started in December, 2006

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