Unpublished SFD letter to ST Forum on ISA torture query

This letter was sent by SFD on 25 December to ST Forum Page querying the Ministry of Home Affairs response (25 Dec 2010) to the ST report on Mr Michael Fernandez (23 Dec 2010). This letter was not published.


We refer to the Ministry of Home Affairs letter in the ST Forum dated 25 December 2010.

Singaporeans For Democracy (SFD) would like the Ministry of Home Affairs to clarify the prison conditions during Mr Michael Fernandez`s period of detention.

In particular, SFD would like MHA to specifically respond to the charges of torture and manhandling of Mr Fernandez that were detailed in the ST report dated 23 December 2010 ST report (‘Former ISA detainee wants to sue Govt for damages’).

SFD is concerned about these acts of torture by the Singapore Government against prisoners detained without trial.

SFD notes that there has been an increasingly number of public accusations made by a number of ex-ISA detainees, most recently by Ms Teo Soh Lung in her book ‘Beyond the Blue Gate: Recollections of a Political Prisoner’・

We will be grateful for MHA`s response.

Dr. James Gomez

Executive Director

Singaporeans For Democracy