Scandinavians Helping Singapore’s Poor

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The hallway is dirty and there is a scent of moist coming from the walls. Inside the apartment it no longer looks dirty – it looks empty. The square room has no furniture. Unless the two mattresses lying on the floor in one corner can be considered as such. On the walls a few pictures are hung up but they are not family pictures, paintings or posters but various magazine cuttings.

By the looks of things, one would not think that we are right in the middle of rich, fast forwarding Singapore. But we are. The apartment belongs to one of the families assisted by the Scandinavian Women’s Association (SWA).

“You see the breathtaking architecture and the fancy cars, therefore many people are surprised when told about people like the ones we support,” says Lis Heisselberg, the President of SWA.

“Most of these people have no resources others than the money they receive from us. There are so many who desperately need of help,” she adds.

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