Ex-detainee Vincent Cheng barred from speaking in history seminar

Former detainee Vincent Cheng has been prohibited from speaking at the NUS History Seminar to be held on June 4th at the National Library. The organiser NUS History Society has apologised to Mr Cheng and offered to read his speech at the event. Over the phone, Cheng told me he was not surprised and is looking forward to speak when another occasion arises. Last year, police harassed the venue owners of a forum I had planned on the 1987 arrests.

Now it looks as though the event itself may be cancelled according to the latest statement by the NUS History Society on its facebook page.

I would like to inform all interested parties that we have been told by the National Library Board that the event has now been put on hold. All registered participants will receive an email by tonight. Stay tuned for more updates.

Bernard Chen
President, NUS History Society
27 May 2010, 1636 hrs


This article by Martyn See first appeared on Singapore Rebel


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