Thio Li-Ann on debating values in the public square.

Latest: TOC responds to Thio Li-Ann’s criticisms

IN HER speech at the Breakfast Media forum, Prof Thio Li-Ann made references to The Online Citizen and how some of its contents promote “confusion” instead of rational debate.

When The Online Citizen asked her to point out what she was referring to, Prof Thio clarified in an email reply that she was in fact referring to a comment posted on our website — rather than an article.

Fostering the spirit of community moderation, The Online Citizen does not actively censor comments unless they are found to be defamatory or offensive. In order to facilitate healthy debate, we would like to encourage readers who take offense at the comments to post a reply on our website, rather than criticise from afar.

The Online Citizen would like to thank Prof Thio for her clarification.

Below is the speech (in audio) by former Nominated Member of Parliament, Professor Thio Li-Ann, at the ATRIA’s New Media Breakfast forum on 9 September 2009. Her speech was titled, “Debating values in the public square.”