One threw a dining chair at his 67-year old mother, another whacking his mother on the head with a hammer.

Children using violence on their parents

The following is from the Straits Times. Have you come across similar instances? What are your views on children using violence on their parents? Is this a new phenomena? What do you think can be done? Share your views here or, if you have specific instances or stories, email us at [email protected]

ANNOYED that his mother was nagging at his young niece for refusing a bowl of hot porridge, Hong Kia Cheng, 47, threw a wooden dining chair at the 67-year-old woman.

Another man, Koh Kim Swee, 22, was so frustrated by his mother’s nagging that he whacked her on the head with a hammer in their Jurong East flat.

Then there was Tan Su Ann, 39, who also took a hammer to her 79-year-old father after he tried to stop her from shouting at their maid.