From Siew Kum Hong’s blog:

The attacks have continued since my last posting on this blog. In particular, the latest attacks have alleged and/or insinuated that (a) I asked for and am receiving foreign funding from a Swedish politician, who allegedly funds the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) as well, and (b) I am involved or associated with the SDP and may be their representative or “mole” in Parliament.

Both of these allegations are untrue and false. They are vile, vicious and malicious attacks on me, and nothing short of character assassination. I consider them extremely defamatory and criminal in nature.

I did not at any time ask for, and have not at any time been offered or accepted, any sort of funding from any local or foreign entity, including the Swedish politician named in the latest attack. The only sources of income (or funding) that I have, are my employer and the Government of Singapore (in the form of my monthly NMP allowance). Furthermore, I am not involved or affiliated or associated, whether directly, indirectly or in any other way, with the SDP, and am certainly not their representative or “mole” in Parliament.

Read the full article here.

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随着人民党宣布将在下月16日举行党大会和选出新一届中委,坊间也在猜测,该党也希望终结近年很长一段时间未更新领导团队的现象,换新血相信能展现革新气息,提升该党形象。 目前,该党主席为罗文丽,秘书长为前波动巴西议员詹时中。他最近一次出席的公众活动,是在上月22日的詹时中体育基金会募款晚宴。当时也受邀出席为主宾的荣誉国务资政赞扬,詹时中是诚实、正派的政治家,尽管政见不同,惟詹一直在实践建设性政治,为我国文明国会辩论奠下基调。 除了曾担任议员的詹时中外,人民党还有两位前非选区议员,即罗文丽和2017年加入该党的谢镜丰(Steve Chia)。 该党在今日的文告称,今年的11月将迎来25周年,随着该党来到一个重要里程碑,看见许多热诚、能干和关心社会的年轻领袖挺身而出为国家服务,深感欣慰;也预示将迎来新一代领导团队的更迭。 预料包括积极走动波动巴西选区的乔立盟(Jose Raymond)、凯威古玛、谢镜丰等,可能被赋予更重要的领导担子。 乔立盟在去年初加入人民党。他曾分享,早在1984年他还是13岁小伙子时,就随同父亲聆听詹时中在波动巴西的竞选政治讲座。 但是真正影响乔立盟政治信仰的,还要回溯到1990年的一件事。当时,乔立盟一家不敷偿还抵押金,导致房屋发展局要拉回他们在西裕廊的组屋单位,乔立盟的父亲只好硬着头皮向詹时中求助。 詹时中当时二话不说,就签了支票帮乔立盟一家偿还了组屋押金,他们一家才免受流离失所之苦。詹的无私和真诚慷慨助人,使乔立盟深深敬仰,决心继承这种奉献精神,辅助社会弱势群体。 乔立盟在2015年选举前曾助阵行动党,受询及为何最终选择加入反对党,他表示这是他感念詹时中对他一家的付出,也希望能把詹的政治抱负传承下去,“希望能帮助更多的人。” 至于谢镜丰,打从1997年就参与过四次选举,曾在2001年担任非选区议员。近期可见他勤于走动人民党曾派将参选过的碧山-大巴窑集选区;另一位商界新星凯威古玛(Kavickumar…