NTU and TOC organise workshop for bloggers to enhance knowledge and skills.

Blogging – you’ve got the power!

NOW is your chance to be a part of a new media revolution sweeping Singapore and the world over.

To be held on 30 May, the Singapore Internet Research Centre (in collaboration with TOC) will be organising a full-day workshop in which accomplished bloggers, journalists, and expert trainers reveal writing and reporting skills, ethical issues, legal minefields and technological solutions for impactful and responsible blogging. 

If you already blog and are wondering how to go to the next level, this workshop will help accelerate your journey. 

The workshop will include the following topics:

Making an Impact
Leading bloggers share what they have learnt about being independent, influential and accountable. By Choo Zheng Xi and Alex Au, chaired by Prof Cherian George.

Survival Training
Defamation, Sedition, Copyright and other laws that bloggers should know.  By Kevin YL Tan.

Bloggers as the New Journalists
Professional tips on deciding what’s news, and how to source it, write it and edit it for maximum impact. By Cynthia Owens.

Parallel Sessions:
1) The Best of Student Media
How student voices are contributing to the school and campus life around the world. By Dan Reimold.

2) Maxing Out the Technology
Enhancing outreach by making the most of internet programs. By Sean Ang.

3) IT-assisted Reporting
Using the mobile phone and other tech tools to gather and share news effectively and responsibly. By Jeremy Wagstaff.

4) Blogging for a Cause
Using your blog as a platform for advocacy.By November Tan.

Fees will be $20 per person.

For more information, visit: http://bloggingseminar.wordpress.com.