Excerpts from the Singapore Democratic Party website.

The Judge gave him a chance to apologise before the decision was made whether to convict him of or not. He refused.

The Judge gave him another chance to apologise before sentence was passed. Again he refused.

On both occasions he said that his “personal convictions” did not allow him to apologise and that he stood by his actions.

As a result Mr Shafi’ie will spend seven days in imprison starting tomorrow. He has been convicted of contempt of court together with Mr John Tan and Mr Isrizal. The three men were wearing t-shirts with the picture of a kangaroo in a judge’s gown on them during the defamation hearing between Lee Kuan Yew and the Singapore Democrats.

Mr Shafi’ie, 20, has just completed his basic military training. Quiet and unassuming, this lad has moral fibre that few in Singapore can match. The temptation to just apologise and get out of trouble was strong, but he did not yield.

Read the full article on SDP’s website.


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