MDA’s actions raise doubts about its capacity as media authority

The FreeMyInternet group expresses our grave concerns about the Media Development Authority’s (MDA) ability to serve as an effective regulator and developer of the Internet space in Singapore. This inability has been amplified by recent incidents involving the registration of local news websites The Independent Singapore (TISG) and Breakfast Network (BN). In particular, we feel … Read more

#FreeMyInternet – Policy brief for debate on amendments to Broadcasting Act

In view of Parliament sitting on 8 July, #FreeMyInternet has prepared a policy brief for Members of Parliament to use to prepare for a robust debate on the Media Development Authority’s new licensing regime for online news websites and future amendments to the Broadcasting Act.   Executive Summary of Policy Brief From 1 June 2013, the Media Development … Read more

Minister Tan Chuan-Jin confirms why Licensing Regime must be withdrawn

  Minister Tan Chuan-Jin’s inability to explain, let alone justify, the basic framework of the MDA’s Licensing Regime affirms the #FreeMyInternet campaign’s call to withdraw the Licensing Regime. Mr Tan was speaking on Talking Point with Bertha Hanson and Dr Arun Mahiznan. Mr Tan was asked several times in different permutations to justify how the … Read more