TOC Exclusive – MP instructs TC Manager after meeting Minister: “We will NOT disclose any further details” on TC Investments

Choo Zheng Xi / Editor-in-Chief

TOC recently published a template request for information that Singaporeans could send to their MPs to ask their Town Councils (TCs) specific questions on TC investments.

TOC reader Roland Soh sent an email to his MP, Dr Ahmad Magad of Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC. He was shocked with the reply: instead of giving him a comprehensive answer, the reply contained an email to a person called Wei Kin. This, we believe, is the General Manager/Secretary of the Pasir-Ris Punggol Town Council, Ms Kwok Wei Kin ( See here and here.)

In the email, Dr Magad seems to tell his Town Council General Manager not to reveal any more information “beyond what we have already uploaded on-line…”

The email is reproduced here:

Wei Kin

Further to this, at the meeting with Minister yesterday it was decided that we will NOT disclose any further details beyond what we have already uploaded on-line and will be publishing in our Vibes newsletter.

Additional follow up queries should be replied with politeness, indicating that our disclosures are and will be consistent with Corporate Governance Standards. Pls follow up accordingly.


Best Regards,
Ahmad Magad

Could it be that Ministers are giving different instructions in private than they are in public? Which minister was Dr Magad speaking to?

If it was Mr Mah, this will be a disturbing about-turn considering he told The Sunday Times on November 23: ‘Each town council has the duty to explain to its residents how it invests its funds, what is its philosophy, what are the risks it takes’.