The Brotherhood, Darkness and Mortals

As previously mentioned, this space is specially for The Brotherhood (whoever they are) and others who want to engage them. There seem to be some sort of duel going on. Anyway, TOC hopes the debate will carry on in a civil and respectful manner.

As long as these are observed, this thread will be allowed to exist. (By the way, you can view all their previous exchanges here.)

To be fair to all, here are the last postings from SD (The Internet Liaison officer of the Brotherhood) and Perm Sec.

SD (The Internet Liaison officer of the Brotherhood):

Good Morning all,

I got great news for all of you. Especially many of the Brotherhood Press readers. Please spread the word and bring them all here. Darkness will be visiting us here today.

Yes, indeed this is a rare privilege, even for me. After all I am just a lowly liaison officer, a mere insignificant cog in the space diplomatic corps – I was told he wished to personally see the “Turning and Turning, Falcon Widens Gyre.” I dont know what he means this, he has a habit of speaking in riddles but I am certain that will thrill to bits people like Lazarus, eiro, widowmaker, observer (SG-HK) and most of all you Patriot.

I just thought, I’ve share this good news with all of you. As since I came to TOC not so long ago. All of you have taken the trouble to give me such a uniquely unforgettable reception. I just thought it would be a good idea to reciprocate the favor with a spot of good will.

Do try to have a very nice day. Its time for my daily 5 km run. And do remind Ah Baey – the question in 38 and 81 still stands. As Observer (SG-HK) highlighted, he is such a “sportman’s” so really, that added with the fact, he’s PAP and he dares to dissent should really put him in good stead.

After all as I said, I cannot think of a better opportunity to engage with the online community. I am sure even Ah Baey will have to agree with that?

“Long live the brotherhood!”

SD (The Internet Liaison officer of the Brotherhood)

Perm Sec:

Hello Singaporedaddy and others,

Let us not escalate the matter further than where it has already gone. We need to stop and make adjustments.

I have always believed from the very first day. It doesnt pay for us to alienate the brotherhood. The last time our govt came up with the name and shame nonsense, it didnt break their spirit, it just made their will stronger. They just clumped closer together.

Its like roaches, the more you spray them, the more resistance they built up

In the AIMs project, Yawning Bread and many others marginalized them and the end result was, they went their own way to come up with a separate report.

I have personally felt that all this fighting is a waste.

I want peace Singaporedaddy of the brotherhood. Go and tell Darkness that we can stop the “gyre” turning and prevent the center from giving way.

As a token of my sincerity. I will try my best to give you an explanation to your question, you presented in #38

This is my own take. I am not a PAP man, but let us say, I love my country and like many of you. I can understand why you are all concerned. But when you ask Mr Baey such a question here, you must understand, this question can never be answered. I am not saying this is right or wrong. Let us just say, this is how politics is conducted in Singapore.

I will however, give you my version of why a one party system can “reliably” produce good.

Bear in mind this need not even be PAP, but it could just as well explain why the monarchy has managed to retain their hold on power for millennia.

You see Singaporedaddy no matter what you wish to say, it is very similar to the brotherhood’s preoccupation with the whole issue of “skill-at-arms.” I have noticed this term being bandied around repeatedly in many essays once published by Darkness.

What legitimizes the whole idea of skill-at-arms? The reason why I am asking this question is, its central to my thesis that it is very possible to reliably produce good without competition. As competition need not be external, but just as Darkness once wrote said,

“For any people to be strong and gainful in seizing opportunities… cannot be premised on qualification alone…the system must be stronger than that… is why every civilization starting from the ancient Sumerians never ever shed the view that right to rule and lead was ultimately legitimized by the ability to command in the field.”

Did Darkness not say this Singaporedaddy?

And what was he saying. He believed that skill-at-arms could be furthered within the hegemony of the brotherhood. I did not have to be provoked externally as you claimed.

And Darkness even gave a good example of how this process of regeneration and renewal could be had. He asked again and again. How did the Romans perpetuate their skill-at-arms?

The ultimate strenght of the Roman legion. In the eyes of Darkness did not reside it the constitution or even the apparent democracy offered by the Senate or the Republic. Darkness was very clear as he said if that were the case, the skill of arms would have waned with the eclipse of the republic and the dawn of Caesar – but why didnt it happen?

Darkness attributed the ultimate strenght of the Roman army to what he called its system of recruitment. He liked it so much, he even copied it to mirror the hegemony of the brotherhood. He saw its system of recruitment based not on it high command but by its legionary encadrement, the centurionate. The Roman centurions, long service unit leaders drawn from the best of the enlisted ranks, formed the first body of profssioal fighting officers. It was they and not as to claim external forces that imbued the legions with the backbone and transmitted from generations to generations the code of discipline, conduct and accumulated store of skills-at-arms that allowed the Roman arms to be successfully carried against hundred of enemies over 5 centuries.

I have given you an explanation Singaporedaddy. Much of it has been drawn directly from the hand of Darkness himself.

As I said, we dont want to fight with the brotherhood.

This may be a good place to end the thread comment.

On record Singaporedaddy, you asked. You received an answer. And since most of what I have written comes directly from the previous writings of Darkness.

Can we say, this matter is concluded?

Tell me Singaporedaddy, do you fear peace more than war?