The Online Citizen raised Social Justice and Fairness issues at its 2nd anniversary event at Speakers’ Corner. Here are the videos of the speeches.

Opening Speech by Choo Zheng Xi:

  • TOC guiding principle: Transparency, Accountability, Active Citizenry.
  • TOC – a platform for Singaporeans to tell their stories and shape the nation’s development.
  • Human Rights – HDB residents’ views deserve as much respect as the ministers’.
  • Town Councils reply on investment prime example of lacking in transparency.

  • Make elected representative accountable with creditable candidates contesting coming election.
  • Active Citizenry – our duty to build the nation as written in our National Pledge:

to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.

  • How we treat the poorest and weakest, the minorities reflect our true values.

HDB policies and how they are affecting the poor by Leong Sze Hian:

  • 33,000 HDB households (8% of HDB concessionary loans) can’t pay HDB housing loan.
  • Total figure of households with payment problem unknown – missing figures on compulsory acquired homes, foreclosures, selling flats because of payment problems.
  • Are HDB flats still affordable when 33,000 HDB households can’t pay housing loan.
  • HDB policies make low income families hard to afford a flat.
  • Rising HDB flat price and stagnant low income wage make situation worse.

“Distributive Justice” and our education policy by Ravi Philemon:

  • Human Rights is about prosperity and progress of “ME and MY FAMILY”.
  • DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE – fair share of the society’s benefits and burdens for everyone.
  • Growing income gap is tearing the social fabric of Singapore.
  • Our education system disadvantaged lower-income families is root cause of deep divide between the haves and the have-nots.
  • America has a culture of learning that challenges conventional wisdom; even if it means challenging authority. These are the areas Singapore must learn from America.
  • Poverty inflicts permanent scars on the psychology of a person.

  • Government’s policies of excessively streaming educational system, cheap foreign labour need to be addressed.
  • A living wage provides disadvantaged segment of population with minimally satisfactory living conditions.
  • Living wage is responsibility of the government as foreigner worker policy artificially suppressed wages.
  • “We the citizens of Singapore!” should be the guiding ideology of the society.

Egalitarianism and why our elected leaders should represent the people by Tan Kin Lian:

  • Singapore was a very different society then.
  • A little rain will not hurt.
  • Raised questions on these structured products 1 year ago.
  • Petitions aim at seeking fair treatment for misled people who lost life savings.
  • Surprised and shocked by attitudes of government leaders. Their remarks made Mr Tan more angry.
  • Social justice – continue to fight until there is fair treatments.
  • Social justice means we help each others even when we are not affected just because it is not fair.
  • Do we want Singapore to carry on like this.
  • Want to encourage others to come forward with 100,000 signatures.
  • Need elected representatives that really represent the people, make them act for people.
  • We must fight for a Living Wage policy.

Mr Tan Kin Lian updates audience on Minibond issue:

  • Three groups considering legal action.
  • Best solution is negotiated settlement.
  • Call on public to petition good people to come forward.

The Online Citizen team thanks readers and friends for their support.


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