The party elects 3 new faces, only one minority member in new CEC

The Workers’ Party (WP) elected a new Central Executive Council (CEC) this afternoon at the party’s headquarters in Syed Alwi Road.

The Online Citizen (TOC) understands that three new members were elected into the CEC this time round. The current CEC now has 14 members, one more than the last CEC. The three new members are Koh Choong Yong, who is also the vice president of the Youth Wing, Lilian Lee and Png Eng Huat, whom TOC understands is an active member in the party’s welfare and grassroots activities in Hougang.

The two who have stepped down are Abdul Salim and Lee Wai Leng, both of whom stood in the 2006 general elections as part of the WP’s Ang Mo Kio outfit which went up against Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s PAP team.

Yaw Shin Leong has also retained his position despite the recent controversy over his revelation that he had voted for the PAP in the last elections. Notably, the new CEC compromises all Chinese members except for one, current vice-chairman Mohammed Rahizan bin Yaacob.

The 14 members of the new CEC are:

Low Thia Khiang

Sylvia Lim

Mohammed Rahizan bin Yaacob

Eric Tan

Yaw Shin Leong

Perry Tong

Glenda Han

Brandon Siow

Jane Leong

Ng Swee Bee

Poh Lee Guan

Koh Choong Yong

Lilian Lee

Png Eng Huat

TOC will provide further updates if and when we receive more news.


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