Excerpts from blog posting by Ng E Jay.

Personally, I think that Yaw should not have publicly announced that he voted for the PAP, especially since he is not only a leading figure in an opposition party, but also a candidate himself. If Yaw told his supporters to pluck up the courage to vote for the WP, wouldn’t his supporters feel let down or even betrayed to some extent that he has voted for the PAP instead (even granting that Teo Ho Pin was standing against a candidate from another party, namely the SDP)?

In the run up to GE 2006, Yaw Shin Leong himself said that the reason they contested Ang Mo Kio GRC was to allow people the chance to vote against PAP and balance out the playing field. Isn’t that opposition for the sake of opposition itself — in a positive way? Why then does Mr Yaw contradict himself now in his most recent blog posting, by saying that we should not have opposition for the mere sake of opposition?

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