WP’s OS voted for the PAP

The Workers’ Party Organising Secretary, Yaw Shin Leong, revealed on his blog that he voted for the PAP candidate, Dr Teo Ho Pin, in the last General Elections.

In his blog post, “A vote for the other side”, Yaw said:

Actually during GE06 itself, there were also some in WP who raised their eye brows when I shared with them that I will be voting for Teo Ho Pin. On polling day, one urged me that since the incumbent will win anyway I should perhaps ‘spoil my vote’ instead. However as a citizen of our constitutional state, I take my voting duty very seriously and will never waste my precious vote, unless the political circumstances really warrant it.

The interesting question perhaps would be, if a WP candidate is to offer himself/ herself for election in the constituency I reside, will I vote for this WP candidate? Partisan considerations will certainly weigh heavily in my considerations. Having said that, ultimately this WP candidate has to convince me that he/ she has what it take to better serve the interests of our country and the constituents to win my vote.

Please share your views on Yaw’s revelation.


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