By Leong Sze Hian

I refer to the article “Flexible, basic and cheap annuity scheme” (Today, Aug 27).

Instead of spending the $750 million a year to pay the additional 1 per cent interest on the first $20,000 of the CPF Ordinary Account, and $40,000 of the Special, Medisave and Retirement accounts, growing these sums at say 5 per cent interest will accumulate to $67.7 billion in 2042 (the first year that the compulsory annuity will start at age 85, for those who are below 50 years old now).

This amount can at 5 per cent interest provide $300 a month from age 85 to 100, for 1.79 million Singaporeans.

By age 100, about 99.9 per cent would have died.

In fact, as many will die as they grow older, beyond age 85, more than 1.79 million people can receive the $300 life annuity.

Even if the resident population grows at 3 per cent per annum for the next 35 years, will there be 1.79 million or more Singaporeans over age 85 in 2042?

According to the Cremation Association of North America (link), the life expectancy for “White (race) Both Sexes”, at birth, age 55, 65 and 85, is 77.7, 26.2, 18.2 and 6.4 years, respectively.

In other words, the 50 per cent survival probability for someone at birth is 77.7 years, and someone who is age 85 has a 50 per cent chance to be alive at age 91.4.

Therefore, under the proposed deduction of the compulsory annuity premiums at age 55, the percentage still living at age 85 may be less than the stated 50 per cent, because the 50 per cent probability would have been reached at age 81.2 for this cohort.

Only the age 70 cohort has an almost 50 per cent probability level of survival of 14.7 year, at age 84.5.

It was reported in Parliament on 27 August (“Minimum Sum : Figures show many don’t meet the mark”, Straits Times, 28 August), that :

“Only one-third of CPF members who turned 62 last year met their Minimum Sum (MS) requirement when they reached the age of 55 in 1999. Manpower Minister Ng Eng Han said that of the 22,600 CPF members who turned 62, 7,600 – or 34 per cent – were able to meet their MS, which in 1999 was set at $ 60,000. The remaining 15,000 members who did not meet the MS had a median shortfall of $ 49,300”.

Does this mean that despite the 4 per cent accumulation, and new CPF contributions for those who were working beyond age 55, 66 per cent could not meet the $ 60,000 MS, and 33 per cent had less than $ 10,700 at age 62 ?

“He (Manpower Minister) noted that one important reason why many members fell short of the MS is the current rule letting them withdraw half of their CPF savings at age 55”.

Phasing out “the current rule letting them withdraw half of their CPF savings at age 55”, delaying the MS monthly payouts to 65, and the compulsory deferred to age 85 life annuity purchase, may just be reactive ad-hoc measures, to address a fundamental core problem.

Are there systemic problems in our CPF system ?

Are HDB flats priced such that they are eating up too much of the average Singaporean’s CPF ?

Are there too many Singaporeans who lose their CPF life savings, when their HDB flats are foreclosed ?

Are we paying too low an interest rate on CPF ?

Why is it that according to the AXA Global Retirement Study, Singaporeans are the highest savers in the world, but have the lowest income in retirement ?

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人民行动党乐龄行动小组(PAP.SG)建议,为了让年长者积累更多退休储蓄,应提高55岁以上年长员工的公积金缴交率至37巴仙,即统一所有年龄层的公积金缴交率。 该小组文告指出,过去六个月,小组通过多场讨论会等方式,向国人征询意见,除了年长者,也包括保健与乐龄领域专家,之后拟出21页的建议书。 有关建议书认为,有鉴于国民预期寿命延长、来自家庭的支持相对减少,国民在确保终身退休收入上必须更为自立。 而增加55岁以上雇员的公积金缴交率,能提高他们的退休储蓄,同时也确保他们领取和年轻同事同等的薪资。 这份建议书乃是配合即将在下月18日公布的财政预算案,针对年长者生活和需求提供建议。 建议书包含的部分建议包括: 透过劳资政三方协商,提供年长者更多工作机会 灵活工作安排(FWA) 统一各年龄层的公积金缴交率 加强年长者财务识读能力 改善住房政策以符合年长者需求 积极接触关怀独居年长者…


58岁“罗厘阿叔” 张胜仲被判监禁7周,罚款500元并禁止驾驶两年,但被告打算对判决提出上诉。 2018年12月22日,当时58岁的张胜仲,和35岁的英国籍脚车骑士张豪宇,在巴西立第三通道和巴西立坡交界处发生冲突,两人在事后皆被控上庭。此外,张胜仲也被控于24小时内未向警方报案。 然而张胜仲面对的控状,于去年三月份,遭控方将从原本的“疏忽行为”修改为更严重的“鲁莽驾驶”,指控他突然左转罗厘并撞上脚车司机,导致对方自脚车上摔下,倒在草坪上。当时张胜仲也表示不认罪,坚称自己没触碰到脚踏车。 检方也将被告以前的罪行一并列出如意图伤害罪、非礼罪,并自2000年以来,他也相继犯下超速、粗心驾驶、闯红灯等罪行。 基于被告所犯下的罪行,法官则认为不能同意辩方的说法,但也表示不足以成为蓄意和挑衅的行为,因此将会给予较低的刑罚,也将保释金从1000元提高至6000元。 张胜仲打算上诉 询及判决,罗厘阿叔的辩护律师则表示,当事人打算对判决结果提出上诉。 骑士张豪宇此前承认两项控状:用右手将罗厘左侧镜敲掉的恶作剧控状,导致15元损坏;以及未在车道最左边骑脚车,触犯交通法令。他在今年4月被罚款2800元。