The NCMP cat among the opposition pigeons

The opposition parties seem ruffled by changes to the NCMP scheme. Andrew loh & Khairulanwar Zaini.

No need to vote tactically, says Vivian Balakrishnan

What we are trying to tell our people is that in future,…

A mockery of Parliament – appointed MPs, Loser MPs, Walkover MPs…

A system which allows more un-elected MPs in Parliament is a mockery of democracy. Andrew Loh.

TOC Analysis: PM’s gambit is manufactured dissent par excellence

If anything has changed, it has changed for the worse. Choo Zheng Xi & Khairulanwar Zaini.

Political changes are for “long term strength and stability”, says PM Lee

Govt not looking for a system which sounds good on theory, says PM Lee.

Breaking News: 9 opposition MPs, including NCMPs, to be allowed

There will be a guaranteed nine MPs from opposition parties in Parliament.