Australia’s security pacts with Pacific Nations face sovereignty concerns amid China’s growing influence

Australia’s bid for security pacts with Pacific neighbors faces obstacles as leaders in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu express concerns over sovereignty. The agreements, aimed at countering China’s influence, are being questioned due to perceived imbalances of power and encroachments on sovereign rights. Australia seeks to strengthen ties amidst competition in the region.

Papua New Guinea, US to sign security pact with eye on China

Papua New Guinea is set to sign a defense pact with the United States, as it hosts talks with the US Secretary of State and the Indian Prime Minister. The discussions will center around China’s growing influence in the region, with concerns about its attempts to entice small nations with diplomatic and financial incentives. The defense pact will grant US troops access to Papua New Guinea’s ports and airports, aiming to enhance security cooperation and stability in the region. This move highlights the increasing engagement of the United States and India in the Pacific to counter China’s presence.