Canada watchdog probes Nike over Uyghur forced labor claims

Nike and Dynasty Gold are under investigation in Canada for allegedly using forced labor from China’s Uyghur minority, following complaints from civil society organizations.

US lawmakers query Shein, Adidas, Nike over Uyghur rights concerns

US lawmakers have sent letters to Adidas, Nike, Shein, and Temu seeking reassurances about their supply chains and compliance with US law. The House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party has cited witness testimony alleging that Nike and Adidas might be sourcing materials from China’s Xinjiang region, where human rights abuses are alleged to occur. Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of lawmakers urged securities regulators to require Shein to attest it does not use forced Chinese labour as a condition of a public offering.

Chinese TV stars cut ties with Nike as Xinjiang backlash builds

Two Chinese stars cut ties Thursday with Nike for registering concerns over forced…