Myanmar junta hints at extending state of emergency

Myanmar’s junta chief hinted at further extending the state of emergency and delaying elections, citing ongoing unrest.

Myanmar junta-backed media slams ‘rotten’ United Nations

Myanmar state media slams the United Nations as “rotten” and criticizes its attempts to establish dialogue between the junta and its opponents, while the UN struggles to provide aid to cyclone survivors.

Myanmar junta chief vows continued crackdown, then elections

Myanmar’s junta chief vowed to continue the crackdown on opponents and insisted the military would hold elections, despite admitting it did not control enough territory to allow a vote. The putsch sparked renewed fighting with ethnic rebels and birthed dozens of anti-junta “People’s Defence Forces” (PDFs), with swathes of the country now ravaged by fighting and the economy in tatters. More than 3,100 people have been killed in the military’s crackdown on dissent since the coup, according to a local monitoring group.

Myanmar junta sets out tough new rules for political parties

YANGON, MYANMAR — Myanmar’s junta on Friday gave political parties two months…

Myanmar military holds election talks with ethnic rebels

YANGON, MYANMAR — Myanmar’s junta is holding talks with three ethnic rebel…