Where Mas Selamat lived

MSK lived in a secluded village in Johor unmarked on any map, not even Google Earth.

Singapore government knew that Mas Selamat had been arrested

“But we could not say anything publicly or else it would jeopardise the operation,” says PM Lee.

No time to dress up, Mas Selamat caught while sleeping!

MAS Selamat Kastari, one of the region’s most wanted terrorists, was nabbed…

Mas Selamat – reconvene Committee of Inquiry

Reprimand of officers should also be re-looked into. Leong Sze Hian.

Mas Selamat captured – all thanks to the ISD!

Malaysia cleans up the mess – S’pore takes the credit. Gerald Giam.

Sharing of information between 3 countries led to Mas Selamat’s arrest – Star Online

Malaysian, Indonesian and S’porean authorities involved in intelligence.

Breaking News: Mas Selamat reportedly arrested in Malaysia

Report from CNA says Mas Selamat “reportedly arrested”.