Anwar’s Budget 2023 praised by financial institutions for being in touch with the real hardship faced by the people

Malaysia’s Parliament passed Budget 2023, the largest in the country’s history at RM388.1 billion (US$87.5bn), with initiatives and policies aimed at reducing the cost of living. The budget was praised for its relevance to post-pandemic challenges, with financial institutions looking forward to its implementation. However, measures such as the potential capital gains tax on unlisted shares were cautioned by Ernst & Young. Fitch Solutions predicted Malaysia is likely to achieve fiscal consolidation in the post-pandemic era, with the budget shortfall in 2023 expected to decrease.

Malaysia Parliament passed Budget 2023 at policy stage, Anwar refutes opposition ‘cruel budget’ allegation

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s Budget 2023 was approved via a voice vote in Parliament. The largest on record, it allocates RM388.1 billion, with RM289.1 billion for operating expenses and RM99 billion for development spending.

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Anwar re-tables Malaysian Budget 2023 with record allocation amid debt reduction and green initiatives

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