US not seeking ‘winner-take-all’ competition with China

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen assured Chinese Premier Li Qiang that the United States seeks healthy economic competition, not a winner-take-all approach, during her visit to Beijing aimed at stabilizing ties. Yellen emphasized the importance of maintaining a fair set of rules and avoiding misunderstandings that could worsen the bilateral economic relationship. Despite tensions, both countries expressed optimism about the visit, with hopes of warming up to each other and reshaping China-US relations.

US Treasury Secretary to visit China, raising need to ‘responsibly manage’ ties

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s visit to Beijing aims to manage the US-China relationship, address global challenges, and build communication channels.

IMF, World Bank are key counterweights to China: Yellen

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that international financial institutions reflect American values and counter unsustainable lending from countries like China. She sought congressional support to increase US lending to these organizations for the benefit of developing countries.

Yellen rules out SVB bailout but US said to weigh protecting deposits

US officials are reportedly considering safeguarding all uninsured deposits at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) after the bank’s collapse left billions in deposits up in the air. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the government wants to avoid financial “contagion” from the implosion, but ruled out a bailout. SVB was taken over by regulators on Friday after a huge run on deposits left the medium-sized bank unable to stay afloat on its own. The bank’s failure has caused concerns about possible ripple effects on technology and life science companies, as well as the cryptocurrency world.