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Jokowi’s admission of political interference in 2024 election sparks controversy and impeachment concerns

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, also known as Jokowi, recently admitted to intervening in the country's political affairs ahead of the 2024 Election. He defended his actions, arguing they were lawful and aimed at ensuring a smooth electoral process for the sake of national interests. However, constitutional law experts argue that Jokowi's interference could be construed as a misuse of state resources, violating electoral laws and potentially amounting to grounds for impeachment.

Singaporean express disappointment over how PAP consistently selects its own members to run for...

Ishhaq Rajoo Jay, a life coach and fitness guru, shares his disappointment on social media over Senior Minister Tharman's presidential run. He criticizes the PAP's recurring pattern of nominating their own members, arguing that the presidency should serve as a counterbalance to the ruling party. Ishhaq fears that Tharman's accomplishments could be overshadowed if he becomes a 'puppet president', urging him to remain true to his stellar reputation and not be swayed by political machinations.

Singapore’s Pioneer and Merdeka Generations to receive MediSave top-ups from S$200 to S$1,100

Singapore's Pioneer and Merdeka generations will receive MediSave top-ups between S$200 and S$1,100 in July, according to the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health. The initiative will cost the government S$254 million, benefitting about 950,000 seniors for healthcare costs, including MediShield Life and CareShield Life premiums and other MediSave-approved insurance plans.

Netizens express: Tharman for prime minister, not president – A wasted potential?

Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has announced his intention to contest in the 2023 Presidential Election and resignation from the People’s Action Party (PAP) and political appointments, a decision sparking widespread online discussion. While Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong acknowledged Tharman's strategic departure as a significant loss, many netizens argue that his extensive experience makes him overqualified for the presidency and a superior choice for Prime Minister. There's a palpable yearning for a strong, independent leader akin to the late Ong Teng Cheong, echoing public discontent with the status quo.

Evolving Singapore: Nostalgia for the simpler 80s amid current-day struggles

Over the past four decades, Singapore has evolved from a burgeoning Asian nation into a dynamic global hub, with a dramatic influx of non-residents reshaping its social and economic landscapes. Despite the resulting diversified demographic profile, Singaporeans are grappling with increased job competition and shifting family dynamics due to escalating living costs. Anecdotal evidence and stark contrasts in cost of living, like the affordability of an HDB flat and income growth rates, indicate an underlying inequality. Today, many citizens are dealing with "moderately unaffordable" housing costs and job growth favoring foreign workers.

Peeping Tom caught in the act: Male suspect disguised as female apprehended in Hsinchu’s...

In Hsinchu's Taroko Square, Taiwan, a male suspect disguised as a woman was caught attempting to invade the privacy of women in a video voyeurism act. The incident occurred in the women's restroom when two female victims noticed a suspicious individual closely following them. One of the victims discovered a cellphone positioned above her, prompting her to seek help. Mall security and the victim's husband intercepted the suspect, who tried to flee and destroy evidence. The police arrived swiftly, charged the suspect with violating privacy, and conducted further inspections to prevent similar incidents.

Emirati COP28 chief recognises reduction of fossil fuel use ‘inevitable’

Sultan al-Jaber, the head of the upcoming COP28 climate summit and CEO of UAE's national oil company, acknowledged the inevitability of reducing fossil fuel use. He stated that the speed of this transition depends on the rapid adoption of zero-carbon alternatives. While his comments were seen as a step forward, activists and experts emphasized the need to phase out fossil fuels completely, as they are the main driver of global warming. Some called for energy firms to be excluded from climate negotiations.

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