Pakistan says 102 in military court over ex-PM Khan arrest violence

Over 100 people are being tried in Pakistan military courts for violence following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, with three senior officers dismissed for failing to maintain security. Critics argue that trying civilians in military courts violates human rights and international obligations.

Pakistan ex-PM Khan due back in court after week of unrest

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan is set to appear in court again to face fresh charges related to the violence that followed his arrest on graft charges. The arrest sparked deadly civil unrest, prompting supporters to rampage through cities. Khan will seek bail in the new cases, including a charge linked to the death of a supporter. The country has been embroiled in political turmoil, with Khan clashing with the military and facing numerous legal cases, which he considers politically motivated.

Pakistan ex-PM Khan to appear in court after ‘unlawful’ arrest

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan’s arrest was ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court, prompting his appearance in court. Although Khan remains in custody, the government plans to re-arrest him if released, leading to further unrest. Khan, who has accused leaders and the military of plotting his assassination, faces numerous legal cases in what critics view as an attempt to stifle dissent. Supporters celebrated the overturning of his arrest, but analysts believe Khan still faces significant challenges ahead of upcoming elections.

Imran Khan’s U-turn from military’s man to army critic

Former prime minister Imran Khan’s arrest in Pakistan marks an escalation in the power struggle between him and the country’s military. Khan, who initially enjoyed the military’s support, has broken political conventions by directly criticizing retired and serving officers. The rift widened when Khan alleged a senior intelligence officer’s involvement in an assassination attempt. The arrest, followed by attacks on military targets by Khan’s supporters, signals a deepening divide. The future of democracy in Pakistan is uncertain as tensions persist between Khan and the military establishment.

Pakistan calls out army to quell riots over ex-PM Khan’s arrest

Political turmoil escalates in Pakistan as former Prime Minister Imran Khan is remanded in custody for eight days on fresh corruption charges. Nationwide protests erupt, leading to clashes with security forces and the deployment of the military. Khan’s arrest has triggered international calls for due process and peaceful democracy, while concerns about potential torture in custody have been raised. The military’s involvement and the government’s efforts to restrict internet access and close schools further exacerbate the crisis in the economically and politically troubled country.

Pakistan ex-PM Khan remanded in custody after arrest prompts riots

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been remanded in custody for eight days, leading to violent protests across the country. Khan, who has been critical of the military establishment, was arrested during a routine hearing and faces allegations of ignoring court summons. His supporters have taken to the streets, resulting in clashes with police, multiple deaths, and attacks on military and state installations. The arrest comes amidst a backdrop of political and economic crises in Pakistan.

Arrest warrant suspended for ex-Pakistan PM Khan

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s arrest warrant was suspended, allowing him to leave his residence after days of violent clashes between his supporters and the police. Khan faces legal cases as he campaigns for early elections and a return to the office. The arrest warrant relates to his non-appearance in an Islamabad court for a case brought by the Election Commission of Pakistan for not declaring gifts received during his time as premier.

Pakistan ex-PM Khan defies arrest as supporters clash with police

Supporters of former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan clashed with police overnight as he remained holed up in his Lahore residence defying attempts to arrest him. He was ousted from office by a no-confidence vote last year and has been campaigning for early elections and a return to office. Police fought pitched battles with his supporters near his residence, firing teargas and dodging rocks thrown by angry crowds.