Indonesian police expose international kidney trafficking network amidst legal and diplomatic hurdles

A joint operation by Jakarta Metropolitan Police and Metro Bekasi Regional Police exposed an international kidney trafficking syndicate despite legal and diplomatic obstacles. A total of 122 Indonesian citizens have undergone kidney transplants at Preah Ket Mealea Hospital in Kamboja, with recipients hailing from different countries such as India, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Indonesian Police uncovers organ trafficking syndicate while investigating a human trafficking case

A human trafficking syndicate in Indonesia is forcing citizens abroad to sell their kidneys, leading to the revelation of an organ trafficking scheme. The victims, deprived of adequate medical care, were originally promised work but coerced into organ sale contracts upon arrival.

Largest anti-trafficking raid in Philippines frees thousands, including four Singaporeans

In the largest anti-trafficking raid in the Philippines, nearly 3,000 victims, including four Singaporeans, were rescued from a compound allegedly running illicit online scams under the guise of a gaming operation.