Marcos says Philippines is ‘done talking’ with ICC

President Ferdinand Marcos announced that the Philippines will no longer cooperate with the International Criminal Court’s probe into the drug war, asserting that the alleged crimes should be handled domestically. The ICC resumed its inquiry despite the country’s withdrawal in 2019. Thousands have died in the anti-narcotics campaign under both Duterte and Marcos’ administrations.

Philippines’ Marcos signs US$9 bn wealth fund into law

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos signs a law creating a US$9 billion sovereign wealth fund to stimulate economic growth and infrastructure spending, despite critics warning of potential misuse and public opposition. The fund, named the “Maharlika Investment Fund,” will draw funds from various sources, including the national government, gaming revenue, and private investments. Marcos assures transparency and prudent management of the fund.

Philippine court denies bail for Duterte critic: lawyer

Philippine human rights activist Leila de Lima was denied bail on the remaining drug trafficking charge against her. She has been detained for over six years and claims the charges were fabricated to silence her. If convicted, she could face life in prison. The decision has been criticized as politically motivated. De Lima has faced health issues during her detention, but the judge ruled they were not compelling grounds for bail. She has been a vocal critic of President Duterte and his drug war.

Philippines’ Marcos says South China Sea ‘keeps him up at night’

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND — Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos said Wednesday that tension in…