Indonesia and Malaysia’s resistance against EU Deforestation Regulation: Clash of sustainability and economic interests

Despite concerns of deforestation and human rights abuses, Indonesia and Malaysia resist EU sustainability regulations, seeking to defend their palm oil industries amidst global environmental reforms. Simone Galimberti suggests that the best way forward is to engage the EU not on the defensive but with an ambitious agenda, a plan of measures that could project the palm oil industry towards credibility and respect that still do not fully deserve.

EU, US ready common code of conduct on artificial intelligence

The European Union (EU) and the United States have announced their plans to soon release a voluntary code of conduct on artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to establish common standards among democracies. As China makes rapid strides in AI, both political and technology industry leaders have raised concerns about potential risks to privacy and civil liberties. The code of conduct aims to address these issues and invite like-minded countries to join the initiative. The EU and US also discussed cooperation on AI standards and tools, while emphasizing the need to mitigate risks associated with the transformative technology.

EU should not lose hope in raising the issue of human rights with ASEAN

by Simone Galimberti There were a lot of expectations for the first-ever…