India announces new French fighter jet deal as Modi visits Paris

India announces new multi-billion-dollar deal for French fighter jets and submarines during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Paris.

Macron signs France pension reform into law despite protests

French President Emmanuel Macron has signed his controversial pension reform into law, raising the retirement age from 62 to 64, despite months of protests and opposition from unions. The alterations became law after being approved by the Constitutional Council. Unions have called for mass protests on 1 May, and some violent demonstrations have already occurred. The battle over the legislation has been Macron’s biggest domestic challenge, leading to low approval ratings and widespread opposition to the changes.

Macron praised in China for ‘brilliant’ Taiwan comments

French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for “strategic autonomy” in Taiwan is being praised in China as a “brilliant decision” that is “relatively objective, rational and in line with Europe’s own interests.” While some Chinese social media users laud Macron’s independence, others are skeptical about France’s willingness to side with China over the US.

France hit by new protests after pensions deadlock

French demonstrators continue to protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform, including increasing the retirement age and working longer for a full pension. Talks between the government and unions have ended in deadlock, and protesters are hoping for a mass turnout on the 11th day of action since January. The Constitutional Council is set to deliver its verdict on the validity of the reform on 14 April. The government argues that the changes are necessary to prevent the pensions system from plunging into deficit, but critics say it is unfair for people in tough jobs and women who interrupt their careers to raise children.

New strike turmoil grips France as Macron remains defiant

France is experiencing fresh strikes and protests, with a record number of police deployed, as President Emmanuel Macron remains defiant over a pensions reform that is causing turmoil in the country. The law includes raising the retirement age from 62 to 64, and unions have vowed no let-up in mass protests to get the government to back down. Nearly two weeks after Macron rammed the new pensions law through parliament, the protest movement against the pension reform has turned into the biggest domestic crisis of Macron’s second mandate.

French govt survives no-confidence votes in pension fight

The French government under President Emmanuel Macron on Monday survived two no-confidence motions in parliament, but still faced intense pressure over its handling of a controversial pensions reform.

French government faces make-or-break vote after pensions uproar

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne faces two no-confidence votes in the National Assembly after pushing through a pension reform without a vote. While her allies have the most MPs, they lack an absolute majority, but observers doubt the opposition can muster enough votes to topple the government. The reforms have prompted spontaneous protests and strikes, with opposition parties saying it places an unfair burden on low earners, women and physically demanding jobs. While Macron is unlikely to change unpopular policies, a new prime minister or fresh elections are options to reset his image.

Protests rock France after Macron rams through pension reform

The French government controversially passed a pension reform without a vote, raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. This move led to angry protests in Paris and other cities, with critics claiming it undermines the law’s democratic legitimacy. The legislation was passed using a special constitutional power as the government lacked a majority for the reform.

Power cut to Paris 2024 Olympic sites in pensions protest: union

French labour union cuts power to Olympic Village and Stade de France stadium in protest of controversial pension reform. Transport and public services have been disrupted for three days. The government says raising the retirement age and pension requirements are necessary to avoid a deficit.