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Vivian and Shanmugam had differences but became neighbours at Ridout bungalows eventually

In a historical debate from 1990, now-Ministers Balakrishnan and Shanmugam clashed over the government's questioning of Singaporean loyalty. While Balakrishnan challenged the government's approach, Shanmugam defended it as an attempt to face hard realities. Despite this contentious past, both men later found common ground in the People’s Action Party and even neighbours now.

Elected presidency: Is there anything quite like it anywhere else?

Opinion piece: As the presidential election looms, we confront a system that sets the bar high for candidacy, perhaps compromising our democracy. Despite a largely ceremonial role, the President's authority in key areas renders this election critical. Should we continue to accept 'walkover' elections and seemingly hand-picked candidates, we risk degrading our 'elected presidency' to a mere 'nominated presidency,' a shift that threatens to undermine the fundamental principles of our society.

‘Unsafe’ action by China near American ship in Taiwan Strait: US

A Chinese Navy ship displayed "unsafe maneuvers" near a US destroyer in the Taiwan Strait, marking the second close encounter between American and Chinese military assets in less than 10 days. The US military criticized China's actions and emphasized its commitment to operating safely and responsibly within international law. China, on the other hand, accused the US of provocation and interference in its sovereignty and security.

Sweeping increase in S&CC fees set to impact 27 markets and hawker centres in...

S&CC fees for 27 Singaporean markets and hawker centres managed by the MSE are set to increase twice in 2024, following a review by the NEA. The increase, which will range from $4 to $20 per stall, comes amidst a similar hike for PAP town councils and a 1% GST rise. The raised fees will fund increased maintenance and operating costs for these public amenities.

One dead, two missing in Japan after heavy rain

The remnants of former Typhoon Mawar have resulted in heavy rainfall across Japan, leading to one fatality, two missing persons, and power outages affecting thousands of households. As the storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm, some evacuation warnings have been eased, but flooding risks persist, particularly near Tokyo. Scientists link the increased risk of heavy rain in Japan and elsewhere to climate change, which intensifies atmospheric water retention.

India’s deadliest rail accident in over a decade: Two passenger trains collide in Odisha,...

A catastrophic collision between two passenger trains in Odisha, India, has resulted in at least 233 fatalities and 900 injuries, marking the country's deadliest rail accident in over a decade. Amid conflicting accounts of the cause and increasing fears that the death toll may rise, rescue efforts are in full force with the priority being the rescue and medical aid for the injured.

Singapore blocks access to Asia Sentinel following its failure to comply with the placement...

Singapore has blocked access to online news publication Asia Sentinel following its failure to comply with the country's fake news law's requirement regarding the placement of a correction notice. The controversy began over an Asia Sentinel article titled "Singapore Kills A Chicken To Scare The Monkeys," which criticized Singapore's handling of the COVID-19 crisis and drew comparisons between the article author’s experiences and those of human rights lawyer M Ravi and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s brother, Lee Hsien Yang. The Ministry of Home Affairs claimed the article contained false statements, issuing a correction direction. However, the publication did not place the correction notice at the required position on its website and the article page. The access-blocking order implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information could be revoked if Asia Sentinel adheres to the directive.

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