Najib can be liability to UMNO to win back Malay support as they push for his royal pardon, says political analyst

Political analysts in Malaysia have expressed their opinions on the recent movement by the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) to seek a royal pardon for their former president, Najib Razak. Some analysts believe that Najib’s return could pose a liability to UMNO, as not all members are in favour of his comeback. The younger generation is concerned about issues such as the economy and the practice of democracy in Malaysian politics, which UMNO will need to address to maintain support. UMNO supporters believe that Najib still has influence and can ignite the “Bossku” trend. However, the fragmented Malay votes have affected UMNO’s declining support, and the internal power struggle within the party is causing further division. The upcoming six state elections will be crucial for UMNO to regain their support, especially in constituencies with a significant non-Malay voter population. These state elections will be an indicator for the next General Election in 2026, and the results will show how satisfied people are with the Unity Government.