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48 semi-detached houses at Eleven @ Holland with average price of S$3.74 million, sold...

Following the liquidation of Clydesbuilt (Holland Link), 48 semi-detached houses in Holland Link, Singapore were listed for sale and swiftly bought within three days. The units were priced below the average resale price for similar properties in District 10, drawing significant interest, with some buyers purchasing up to ten houses despite a 30% Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD). Clydesbuilt (Holland Link), along with property developer Victor Ow, were previously ordered by the High Court to pay S$87 million in profits from developing the project to Innovative Corp.

Minister Sun Xueling responds to rude email feedback, netizens urge “focus on groundwork”

A resident's frustrated email to People's Action Party MP Sun Xueling and others, complained about noisy heavy vehicles near Punggol Way and uneven cement floors at the void deck. The resident made racially biased remarks, criticized road design, and threatened electoral consequences unless actions were taken. Sun responded by rectifying the pavement issue, addressing parking concerns, and encouraged civil feedback. While some netizens criticized Sun's public reaction, others defended her, emphasizing focusing on issues and feedback rather than individuals involved.

From rumour to reality: The shocking cosure of Singapore Turf Club rattles horse racing...

Singapore Turf Club (STC) is set to close in March 2027, stunning the horse racing community. Endorsed by Singapore's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of National Development, this move follows a decline in spectatorship and the need for land repurposing. Preceded by rumours, the official announcement of the closure has left stakeholders, trainers, and fans reeling. Concerns are raised over recent investments in the industry, the relocation of horses, and a lack of prior dialogue with those involved.

Long-standing Singapore Turf Club to shut down in 2027 amidst dwindling spectatorship and redevelopment...

SINGAPORE — The Singapore Turf Club, the city's lone horse racing club founded in 1842, has announced its closure by March 2027. This decision follows...

China inaugurates embassy in Honduras

China has inaugurated its embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, following the Central American country's shift in diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to Beijing. The ceremony took place at a hotel as the location for the embassy building is yet to be determined. Yu Bo, the interim envoy, will lead the embassy and oversee the search for a permanent building. The Honduran president, Xiomara Castro, is scheduled to visit China for her first official visit, during which various agreements will be signed.

PM Lee’s Leadership Transition: A Delayed Promise?

Despite Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's past pledges to foster a new generation of leaders since his swearing-in-ceremony in 2004, uncertainty looms over the power transition to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong. Questions about PM Lee's willingness to cede power are fueled by his reduced parliamentary activity and a seeming emphasis on maintaining the status quo. As Singapore grapples with challenges like escalating living costs, a defined leadership transition timeline could provide much-needed stability.

Hong Kong court quashes investigative journalist’s conviction

Hong Kong's top court has overturned the conviction of journalist Bao Choy, granting a rare victory for press freedom in the city. Choy was found guilty in 2021 for accessing car ownership records during her investigation into an attack on democracy supporters. The Court of Final Appeal ruled unanimously that "bona fide journalism" should not be excluded from the definition of accessing the records for "other traffic and transport related matters." The decision highlights the importance of freedom of speech and the press in Hong Kong.

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