SINGAPORE— A TikToker peculiarly flaunted his luxurious weekend trip, covering a distance of 29,904 km in just three days with his mother, all for the sake of a mileage run.

According to the online media outlet Coconut Singapore, the TikToker, @Amadillos, recently shared his weekend travel experience. He presented a slideshow of photos from his trip with his mother, highlighting their “weekend mileage run to the USA.”

A mileage run refers to a flight taken solely to earn frequent flyer miles or elite status with an airline, rather than with the intention of reaching a specific destination or exploring a new place.

In the latest update, the TikToker had clarified that he was able to afford the tickets through an ANA error fare, and the trip served as a special treat for his mother, who had never experienced premium class travel before.

Their journey began with a flight from Singapore to Jakarta, followed by a stopover in Japan, where they flew with the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) and made a second stop in Tokyo.

The TikToker also boasted about the spacious and comfortable seating on the flight, describing it as “making SQ business class look tiny.”

Additionally, he reviewed the meals they enjoyed during the entire trip, including dishes like salmon, vegan cutlet rice bowl, butado, seafood risotto, and more.

Upon reaching their destination, the TikToker mentioned the challenges they faced while trying to explain their quick turnaround flight to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) office. They were set to return to Singapore just 12 hours later.

In another photo, it appeared that Amadillos’ mother had also managed to acquire exclusive merchandise related to the popular Demon Slayer anime available on board.

The TikToker stated that they’d done “nothing but sleep, eat, eat again” the whole time, resulting in a feeling of bloatedness.

Concern about mileage runs and its impact on the environment

Before the TikToker deleted the post, some netizens were shocked by the extravagance of his flight, considering it unnecessary, while others pointed out the environmental impact of mileage runs.

A TikTok user commented, “What about the CO2 emissions?” expressing concern over the carbon footprint associated with such flights.

Previous reports have highlighted the environmental impact of mileage runs, noting that these practices can contribute to damage to the environment. This is attributed to the additional flights taken solely for the purpose of earning frequent flyer miles or elite status, leading to increased fuel consumption, higher emissions, and a larger carbon footprint.

A roundtrip flight for two on Business Class from Singapore to the US and back emits 16.9 trillion CO2, as calculated by the online flight emissions calculator provided by

TikToker clarified that the trip served as a special treat for his mother

After reaching out to the Coconut Singapore, the TikToker clarified that he was able to afford the tickets through an ANA error fare.

He further mentioned that the trip served as a special treat for his mother, who had never experienced premium-class travel before.

When commenting on Coconuts Singapore’s Facebook post, a netizen also pointed out that the duo probably flew on the recent ANA mistake fare from Southeast Asia to USA.

In April 2023, ANA cancelled business class tickets to North America that were sold at a significantly reduced price due to a technical error.

ANA has apologized to affected customers, promising full refunds and clarifying that the issue has been resolved.

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