This photo taken on 7 July 2021 shows a member of the Karenni People Defense Force (KPDF) holding a homemade gun adorned with the words "Spring Revolution" in Myanmar script as he takes part in training at a camp near Demoso in Kayah state. In their camp hidden in the forested hills of Kayah state near the Thai border, Myanmar anti-junta volunteers practice firing their homemade weapons, do physical training, and play guitar in between skirmishes with the military/AFP.

YANGON, MYANMAR — A humanitarian convoy consisting of diplomats from the Indonesian and Singaporean embassies and officials coordinating humanitarian aid from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) came under fire on Sunday (7 May).

The incident took place in the north-eastern Shan State in Taunggyi district.

In response to media queries on the incident, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) spokesperson condemned the attack and emphasized the importance of safeguarding the safety of humanitarian and diplomatic personnel.

Two staff of the Singapore Embassy who were part of the convoy are safe and have returned to Yangon.

“Singapore urges all parties to refrain from violence, in accordance with the Five-Point Consensus.”

“Only constructive dialogue among all key stakeholders in Myanmar can facilitate a peaceful solution in the interests of the people of Myanmar, ” the spokesperson said in a statement issued on Monday (8 May).

The Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, also issued a statement on Monday condemning the attack.

However, the Myanmar shadow National Unity Government, which is allied with the anti-junta militias, the People’s Defence Forces (PDF), said it was not aware of any attack.

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