SINGAPORE — While the question of whether AI can replace human jobs remains debatable, a Singaporean recently found a novel way to embrace the technological advancements – by using ChatGPT to “tiok” (strike) TOTO.

Aaron Tan, a TikTok user, recently shared his experience of asking ChatGPT to generate seven numbers for him.

He prompted the AI bot with a query, “Please give me seven numbers from 1 to 49,” and ChatGPT responded with seven random numbers.

Aaron then purchased the numbers generated by ChatGPT to try his luck at winning the TOTO lottery on 4 May, which carried a grand prize of S$2,400,000.

To his surprise, three out of the seven numbers he purchased matched the grand prize!


Decided to ask CHATGPT for a set of nice 7 numbers for 5/4/23 Draw and it did strike! 😱😱😱 Thanks CHATGPTcaishenye🥇#fyp #tiktok #sgtiktok #trending #chatgpt #viral #huatah #4dboy

♬ Oh No No No – Music Falcon

When asked by another TikTok user how much he had won, Aaron Tan replied that he had won $50 from the lottery.

Another TikTok user joked that perhaps even the lottery company was also using ChatGPT to generate winning numbers.


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