Singtel offers job to foreigners with nursing degree?

Singtel offers job to foreigners with nursing degree?

SINGAPORE — A self-professed Filipino posted a question on a popular expat forum on last week seeking advice from fellow expats about applying to become a Singapore Permanent Resident.

According to her posting, she came to Singapore some 12 years ago. She also indicated that she has been working at Singtel for almost ten years as a Team Leader in Singtel.

But what is interesting about her case is that she actually graduated with a nursing degree, presumably from the Philippines.

The poster who just created an account on the forum to post her question did not say what job she got when first arriving in Singapore in 2011 when she was 25 years old, but it would be reasonable to assume with her qualification that she was working as a nurse in Singapore then.

And as indicated by her, two years later she jumped ship to work for Singtel. She also said that she applied PR in her first year working for Singtel but her PR was rejected at the time.

Now, she is planning to apply for PR again this year after having been in Singapore for 12 years and working for Singtel for 10 years.

She also said she has been giving donations and performing community service in Singapore, obviously to increase her chance of getting a PR.

“I got a son which is 8 months now. should I apply for myself? Or I will include my son in my application? How is my chances of approval? Which is the best month to apply?” she asked.

A moderator suggested that her chances are much better if she applies for PR together with her son while another forum member commented that she can continue trying.

The forum member noted: “Though there is no best month to apply PR, but heard about last quarter of the year is marginally better that other quarters because their team does assess yearend PR approvals (numbers).”

Regardless of which month she is applying for her PR, if her credentials are indeed true, it still begs the question why Singtel did offer a job to a foreigner with a nursing degree in the first place?

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