Newly renovated Yishun flat turned into a flooded mess after burst pipe, PUB apologised

Newly renovated Yishun flat turned into a flooded mess after burst pipe, PUB apologised

SINGAPORE — A taxi driver who had just bought a four-room flat at Blk 401 Yishun Green in November 2022 never expected that a “Yellow River” would appear in his home.

A large amount of muddy water gushed out from the drain holes in the kitchen and master bedroom, causing the new furniture to be completely soaked. After the water receded, the floor was covered in mud.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the national water agency PUB received a complaint about a burst pipe at Block 401 Yishun Green around 1:20 pm on Monday (1 May) and immediately dispatched personnel for repairs.

The water supply to some units was disrupted for about two hours until it was restored to normal around 4:30 pm.

The 52-year-old owner, who had spent about S$100,000 on renovations and new furniture, planned to move into the new home on Wednesday with his family of five.

“I and my wife were at the new home arranging things when my wife heard the sound of flowing water around 1 pm. ”

“She thought it was raining until she walked to the window and found that the water pipe had burst. Within a few seconds, muddy water started gushing out from the drainage hole in the master bedroom toilet.”

The owner said they had no time to react before the kitchen and kitchen toilet’s drainage holes also started gushing out a large amount of muddy water, which flowed out from the living room door to the outside.

“Afterward, we notified the town council. They sent someone to check, but they said they could only close the water supply when PUB personnel arrived.”

After some turmoil, the water supply was finally turned off around 3 pm, and the muddy water stopped flowing after about two hours.

Unfortunately, as a result of the incident, the owner’s newly renovated home was left with a thick layer of mud covering the floor, and many new furniture items were completely soaked.

It took until 7:15 pm that day for the cleaning to be completed.

PUB’s spokesperson has apologised for the incident and assured the homeowner that they would provide assistance.


5月1日下午1时许,义顺6道第401座组屋地下水管疑爆裂,导致整座组屋断水,底层单位受到严重影响,大量泥水从厨房和主人房多个排水孔涌出。📹:受访者提供 zaobaosg sgnews hdb accident renovation flood 新加坡 组屋 污水 事故

♬ original sound – zaobaosg – zaobaosg

MP said the burst pipe was under PUB’s purview

The Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, Derrick Goh, also confirmed the incident on his Facebook post, added that PUB turned off the water supply and carried out rectification works.

As the water supply to the low-rise block was affected, PUB arranged for water wagons to supply water to the affected units.

He said he rushed down after the Labour Day rally to understand the situation and met the residents who were filling up pails of water.

The TC’s plumbing contractor was also on-site and did a joint investigation with PUB earlier. They confirmed that the burst pipe was under PUB’s purview.

“This is an unfortunate incident and a stressful time for the affected family. I assured them we will extend help where possible. ”

“We are working closely with PUB, TC and the residents, and will provide necessary updates on the situation when relevant.”


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