Japanese businessman climbs Mount Kinabalu in full suit and leather shoes

Japanese businessman climbs Mount Kinabalu in full suit and leather shoes

“Quickly, I’m running late for a meeting!” Other mountaineers must be impressed by the unwavering spirit of this Japanese businessman who dared to take his business to the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

Nobutaka Sada, the President of bespoke suit company SADA, has become a viral sensation after successfully climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia, while wearing a full suit and leather shoes.

49-year-old Mr Sada took to Facebook to share his achievement with the world.

In his post, he explained that his tailored suit not only kept him looking sharp but also held up well during the rigorous climb, which included staying in a mountain hut and braving the humidity and rain.

“I successfully climbed Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Borneo, Malaysia, in SADA’s custom-made suit! It is higher than Mount Fuji with an altitude of 4,095 meters!”

He cheerfully added that he stayed overnight at a hut on the mountainside, climbed up the steep slope in the starlight, and was able to see the sunrise from the mountaintop.

While some may question his choice of attire, Sada believes that it helps to demonstrate the durability and versatility of his company’s suits, even in extreme conditions.

Apparently, Mr Sada started to test his suit outdoor, when COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant decline in demand for clothing such as shirts and suits, resulting in a struggling business for SADA Suit.

In order to attract people’s attention, the president personally wore his own suit to climb mountains and go to the beach, to demonstrate that suits are not only good-looking, but also convenient and durable for outdoor activities.


The viral video of Sada’s climb, which was originally posted by a local porter on TikTok, has garnered thousands of views and reactions from people around the world.


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Many have praised Sada for his determination and unconventional approach to climbing, with some even dubbing him the “strongest president in Japan.”

A TikToker commented:”(He seems) in a rush to go back after the meeting…”

“While others feel the chill, he just relaxes. That’s impressive. ”

“I saw on his Facebook that even when he skis, he wears suits, so he doesn’t feel cold in the mountains.”

“Wow, he’s so determined. Maybe other climbers will follow suit later.”

“Hahaha, he has a jogging track.”


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