Mother of Malaysian child actress pursues legal action against family of child who allegedly caused injury through prank

Mother of Malaysian child actress pursues legal action against family of child who allegedly caused injury through prank

MALAYSIA — 12-year-old child actress Puteri Rafasya, who was involved in an accident on a filming set, was discharged from the hospital on Friday (17 March).

Following her daughter’s fracture of her hip in an alleged chair-pulling incident on set, the child actress’s mother, Fatin Aliza Salmi, has engaged a lawyer and intends to pursue legal action.

In an Instagram post on 17 March, Puteri can be seen walking with the help of a walking aid and a railing during a physiotherapy session.

The post noted that Ms Puteri had been warded at Tunku Azizah Hospital (HTA) for eight days.

” Alhamdulillah, Puteri is now able to stand and walk with the help of a cane. The pain has also decreased. Puteri no longer needs to wear diapers.”

The incident occurred on 22 February when a girl younger than Ms Puteri, who should not have been present at the filming location and was intending to play, inadvertently pulled a chair, causing the accident.

This caused the child actress’ hip bone to crack as her body was pinned by a metal tripod leg.

The effect was significant as Puteri had to endure the suffering of being unable to sit or walk without the help of her family due to the cracked hip bone.

Her condition worsened to the point where she had to be admitted to the pediatric ward and experienced nerve problems.

Before this, Puteri starred in several popular dramas, including Rindu Awak Separuh Nyawa, 7 Hari Mencintaiku 2, Villa Ghazara, Amar dan Opie, as well as the film Seratus and Telaga Suriram.

A parent allegedly offer RM120 as “assistance”

33-year-old Ms Fatin told CNA on Monday (20 Mar) that she is waiting for her daughter’s medical report before considering her next move.

She alleged that the parents only apologised during an in-person meeting on 13 March, more than two weeks after the incident.

The meeting was attended by both parties involved, representatives of the production team and the Malaysian Artistes Association (Seniman).

“Until now, a week after that, the parents have not stated any intention of visiting my child who had been in hospital for eight days. I did not get any SMS, WhatsApp or call from the parents.”

“What do they think? After saying sorry, just leave it at that? I did not say I accepted their apology. That did not happen. I just listened because I was too emotional to talk. I actually couldn’t even bear to see their faces, ” she said.

Ms Fatin said the other girl’s parents offered RM120 (US$27) as “assistance”, which would not even cover the cost of her child’s X-ray.

Some parties allegedly insisted Ms Puteri fell off the chair herself

Ms Fatin added that during the 13 March meeting, some parties allegedly insisted that Puteri fell off the chair herself.

“So when I hear people making up stories like that, I just told them that I will leave it to my lawyers.”

“Some of them said, ‘Why must you take this to court?’ I can’t stand that question. Because there’s no action being taken. What do you expect? For how long will the RM120 help?” Ms Fatin questioned.

She did not reveal how much she has paid in medical expenses so far.

Ms Fatin previously complained to Malaysia media Harian Metro that she is especially bothered by the hands-off attitude of the child’s family involved in the accident.

Out of goodwill, Ms Fatin has refrained from disclosing the identity of the girl or her parents on social media, concerned about potential backlash from netizens.

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