A local delivery rider suspected another delivery worker of working illegally as a foreigner or non-permanent resident and posted a video online to expose him.

Last Friday (10 March), the rider posted the video on the social media group SG Road Vigilante – SGRV, in which he accused the other delivery worker of working illegally and scolded him loudly on the street.

The person being scolded, a male in a blue T-shirt, was seen crying and begging with folded hands while the rider recorded the video.

“You’re not supposed to come to Singapore to do this. I’m telling you, our job is getting less because of people like you. Where are you from?” the rider said in the video.

The rider then demanded to see the other person’s delivery platform application account and took a picture of his name, but he did not report the alleged illegal rider to the police.

The rider also demanded to see the alleged illegal rider’s delivery receipt and app record and threatened to call the police if he tried to cancel the record.

At the end of the clip, the rider, who claimed to have been a delivery rider for four years, warned the male not to return to work as a delivery rider illegally at Orchard Road.

Local delivery platforms only allow locals or permanent residents (PR)s to be employed.

Information on the Ministry of Manpower(MOM)’s website also shows that it is illegal for foreigners to deliver food via local delivery platforms.

Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, they can be fined a maximum of $20,000, or subjected to imprisonment of up to two years, or both.

Mixed reactions among netizens; some say no need to humiliate the person

The post has since received mixed reactions among group members.

While it is illegal for a foreigner to work as a delivery rider in Singapore, many netizens believe that the man’s behaviour was overboard and that he should not have humiliated others in this way.

One netizen commented that there was no need to humiliate the alleged illegal rider and that if there was an issue, it should have been raised with the relevant authorities.

A netizen replied, saying that moonlighting, especially for work permit holders, is a serious offence and could result in the immediate cancellation of their work permit and a ban from working in Singapore again.

Another netizen called on the platform operator, Food Panda, to take action on the matter:

A commenter criticized the man’s behavior, calling him rude and saying that there was no need to go to such lengths to humiliate another person.

Another commenter said that while the foreigner’s actions were illegal, there was no need to humiliate him in such a way.


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